Another Year We Didn’t

New Year’s Day has passed and we kept our streak of not joining for the Polar Bear Swim alive. I would like to say it was a tough decision, but it isn’t. We do go down to the beach and provide our moral support as we stand by the bonfire to keep warm, but that’s as far as it goes.


Nice a warm by the big bonfire

Each year there is at least one person who has a new method for keeping warm while removing their warm clothes. A mat, a chair, a helpful spouse to hold everything.


The countdown starts and off they go — once again the water temperature was about 10 degrees warmer than the air, so I am sure it probably felt nice and warm. It is amazing how fast they run to get in AND how much faster they are coming out!



A 50-50 Year Comes to An End

A quick note instead of the snail mail Christmas letter that never seems get done on time. We made the transition to this method after years handwritten cards then computer printed letters then emails and now the ongoing Blog posts throughout the year.

Winter hike to viewpoint above the hospital

Sunny winter day at Gyro Park

Raccoon tracks in the overnight snow

It has been a year of big milestones for the two of us starting with our 50 Year High School Grad reunion. we both volunteered to work on the organizing committee and had a great time working with everyone.

We enjoyed a fantastic few days, filled with great weather, fun events and a lot of conversations with old classmates. We were particularly proud of the scheduling of daily picnics in the park that gave everyone time to just relax and connect with Grads they never really knew when we were at school.

See Crowe Grad 1968 Reunion

Just a few days ago, also celebrated our 50th Anniversary and decided to change our usual routine a bit.

Fran’s daily ,bob, in the heated pool

Late afternoon around the fire pit

Moon shot on the flight down to Phoenix

Glorious sky and sunshine

A week in Phoenix wasn’t too hard to choose – celebrate the Anniversary and enjoy Christmas too.

The full story is made up of all the Blog posts for this year, so take a look. Best of health and happiness to everyone.

PS. – hoping the two emails I have received from BC Lotteries are for ‘the big one’, but I would take a ‘sort of big one too’.