Early October 2019 Musings

2019 09 214
Already one snowfall on the mountain tops!

Everything seems to slow down around here at this time of the year. Cooler temperatures, the occasional snowfall on the mountain tops, golfers trying to get the last few rounds in before Curling leagues starts up, compressors running on low as they blow water out of sprinkler systems, and piles of garden waste being piled in the alleys ready for the City’s annual fall pickup.

Early Fall colours at Gyro Park

The trees have started to get serious about dropping their leaves for winter, so the colour around town is changing from multiple hues of green to a patchwork of yellow, red, green, and brown. Garden flowers which prefer cooler weather are racing to bloom again and fruit trees like our Anjou pear, are trying to ripen their fruit before the freezing temperatures arrive for good. It is amazing how many fruit trees there are planted around here, not just in the city but just about every open space that may have held a farm at one time.

See the winking face?

Speaking of trees — we went to the Museum/Library the other day to participate in a community involvement project to help the Museum staff identify faces in old photographs. (The photos have been given to the Museum by families clearing out their parent’s home, but almost none have any information attached.) — several photos showed some of the Grad Tree Planting Projects run by Cominco.

Read More About Face Your Fridays Project

It was an interesting cross section of photos. Lots of ‘official’ Cominco photos from the ’40’s through to the ’60s (guys in very clean clothes or new coveralls posing at their work location). I didn’t notice any photos of guys shovelling ‘fines’ from under a ball mill or lancing boiler tubes in the Slag Furnaces or anybody wearing a respirator. There were also tons of wedding photos as well as adult and baby portraits from the early to mid 1900’s.

My Election Rant

I don’t care to hear about your complaints about what  ‘the government’ does  or doesn’t do because you think is should or you think it shouldn’t. What I do care about is what have you done about it. The ‘government’ is not some ‘thing’, we are the government. We elect the people to represent us, we choose which person we think will do the job and if they don’t then it is our fault for voting for them and doubly our fault if we vote for them again just because of their party affiliation or how much we dislike the other guys.

Stop commenting (ranting) on social media. It does no good. Get up, go outside for a walk, and talk to someone new and stop talking to your computer. Strike up a conversation, ask them how they are doing, and listen to what they have to say. ‘Walk a mile in their shoes…’


Fall Fell!

One of the advantages of living in the West Kootenay area is the lack of extreme swings in weather. Gone are the days of summer snow storms or mid-winter temperature swings due to a Chinook blowing through — insert screeching brake sound here — ah, hang on a minute… snowing just up the hill from us.

Here are a few fall photos from the last few years – click on photo to enlarge.

Late September and early October is all about slowly dropping temperatures, leaves gradually changing colour and falling from the trees, mornings spent putting the veggie garden to bed, planting next year’s garlic, folding up the patio umbrella, storing the outside stuff, and still having a few days of sunny warm days to lie in the hammock and snooze.

Not sure if you will be able to view the next one sent by Curt today.. he is Lawn Bowling in an Medicine Hat snowstorm.